nelder plots

A few weeks ago, Greg and I were wandering around in the woods a short drive from our house. We opened our google maps app to check out the surroundings and saw this...

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why i'm taking a break

Yesterday was the most upsetting day since I had to make the awful decision to quit my job as a wilderness ranger for the season because of my heart issue. I got a phone call from an old coworker that left me sobbing- I had no idea that people could be so mean.

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let's talk gear.

Because I've basically lived out of my backpack for the past 3 summers, I rely heavily on the gear I use. I'm usually hiking in uniform and this makes me not only a target for people to find errors about how I'm doing my craft, but a target because people are always wanting to know what gear I use.

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people don't like the forest service

I think it was my first day as a fed that I realized how much people hate feds. It's still surprising how often people yelled at me & berated me just for wearing a uniform. Granted, I was (and still am) very proud to wear the U.S. Forest Service uniform... but this made people pretty furious.

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my role in wilderness

Since April 2013, I have worked for the United States Forest Service protecting the most visited Wilderness Area per acre in America. My friends & family know that when the summer season rolls around, I'm gone. They won't be hearing from me or seeing me until October because I have work to do.

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