Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of e-mails, Instagram direct messages, Instagram comments, Facebook messages, etc from all of you with some great- but repetitive- questions. This post is basically just to get all the answers in the same place to help y'all out a bit!


How did you get your job?

I wrote up a resume and brought it to the Ranger Station I wanted to work for. Turns out the feds only hire through USAJOBS.gov so I had to go home and apply electronically. Making the face-to-face contact ultimately got me my job, and 3 years later I'm still around.

Do you have any degrees?

Nope. I'm a pretty work-oriented girl having worked since I was 14, so I tend to put more emphasis on work than school; however, I'm currently working towards an A.S. in Environmental Studies with a Certificate of Specialization as a Forestry Technician... because why not?

What kind of hiking boots do you recommend?

I wear Vasque hiking boots, so of course I would recommend them! I've tried just about every boot on the market (sorry for all the returns, REI!) but my Vasques take the cake. The model I wear are the Eriksson GTX's and they're plenty sturdy and supportive, comfortable, totally waterproof, and durable.

Do you really work for the forestry?

This is one of my biggest pet peeves... there is no such thing as the forestry, so no I am not! It is called the United States Forest Service, and I am a very proud, long-term seasonal federal employee with competitive status.

How can I become a Park Ranger like you?

Although this is flattering and plenty nice, this is my other biggest pet peeve. The United States Forest Service is VERY different from the National Park Service, and since I work for the USFS, we do not have Park Rangers. First and foremost, the USFS is all about conservation and the NPS is all about preservation. NPS broke it down pretty well in this article. With this being said, I really never know how to answer this question.

What is Desolation Wilderness?

Desolation Wilderness is a 63,960-acre federally protected U.S. Wilderness Area just southwest of Lake Tahoe, California. There is no place else in the world with the title "Desolation Wilderness." It's home to the Crystal Range, and the Pacific Crest Trail runs straight through its rough, granitic terrain. Desolation is the most heavily visited Wilderness Area per acre in the United States, so we make tens of thousands of contacts with backpackers and hikers during peak season (June-August).

I'm planning a trip into Desolation Wilderness. Can you help?

YES!!!! One of my favorite things is helping people plan their backpacking trips through my favorite place on earth, so shoot me an e-mail ASAP and let's talk! 


That's all of the questions I can remember at the moment... maybe I'll end up doing a part two of  frequently asked questions eventually. Hope this helps! 

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